American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)

From its inception in 1862, setting safety standards for the marine industry has been the core commitment of ABS. This is achieved through the establishment and application of technical standards, known as Rules, for the design, construction and operational maintenance of ships and other marine structures. Classification is a process that certifies adherence to these Rules. From its World Headquarters in Houston, TX, USA, ABS delivers services and solutions to a worldwide client list through a network of local representatives working from more than 150 offices in 70 countries. The core competencies of this worldwide network of ABS professionals lie in the fields of survey, engineering and auditing. Backing these field representatives is an unequivocal commitment to research and development.

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- 2003년 : 이태경
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- 2005년 : 하승현, 김성희
- 2006년 : 김경환, 김성희
- 2007년 : 김경환, 이성주
- 2008년 : 이성주, 윤민호
- 2009년 : 윤민호, 한전식
- 2010년 : 한전식, 김상엽
- 2011년 : 김상엽, 이재훈